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Varvara de

Gura Humorului, Romania
11 rooms, 25 guests
from 280 ron/night

“Varvara de Bucovina” is located in the land of tales where nature nourishes your soul with breathtaking views and fresh air, and the people of the place will nourish your belly with selected dishes, rich meals and masters made licors, called Bucovina!

Varvara de Bucovina is a “soul” guesthouse that wants to reflect the spirit of Bucovina through everything it offers.

The guesthouse is built in the heart of nature, the cottage garden is guarded by the peaks of the Bucovina relief in the Gura Humorului area.

With a 6 acres area, the guesthouse’s courtyard is set with several relaxation areas, including child-only spaces, a micro-farm with small animals (rabbits, pony, etc.), two lakes and one orchard.


The architecture of the pension highlights its profound connection with the harmonious nature and the way it integrates into the Bucovina natural space.

The construction is entirely made of wood and the interior decorations have multiple influences from local colors and motifs.

Part of decor items, especially the “throne”, built at the entrance to the guesthouse, remember the glorious history of Bucovina, closely related to the reign of Ştefan the Great.


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